Dialing In Our Espressos

Our Roasting and Quality Control teams work together to set parameters that keep our espresso blends tasting their best. You may find that your results vary, but these flavor profiles are reachable. If you have questions or find yourself having trouble dialing in, please don't hesitate to contact us.

These parameters are set in our lab with the following baselines:

Flying​ ​Monkey

Medium Roast

Goal: Smooth milk chocolate, graham cracker, and honey with a pleasant touch of acidity. This espresso is best for long milk drinks.

Dose:​ 20 grams

Yield:​ 38-42 grams

Time:​ 28-33 seconds

Drop:​ 7-8 seconds (bottomless filter)

Rest:​ 7-12 days off roast

Flying Monkey is best dialed in with short milk—we recommend a capp. Dialing in by tasting it as a shot will overplay the acidity that is desirable in milk drinks.

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Light-Medium Roast

Goal: Jabs of fruit, sugar, and spice with a floral aroma and clean finish. Featuring notes of caramel, peach, and sugar cane, Southpaw delivers a delightful punch.

Dose:​ 20 grams

Yield:​ 32-36 grams

Time:​ 26-30 seconds

Drop:​ 6-8 seconds (bottomless filter)

Rest:​ 8-12 days off roast

Southpaw is best dialed in as a straight, slightly ristretto shot. Drink it as a shot or in a short milk beverage.

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