Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

Things look a little different around here! We've updated our site to give you a smoother experience, particularly on mobile devices, and richer content—have a look at our Coffee Subscriptions page, or read profiles of our Direct Trade partners on the Meet the Producers blog, for example.

The homepage banner photo (above) offers a bird's-eye-view of a crucial step in coffee processing: drying harvested cherries. In the photo, a worker at Finca La Bolsa in Huehuetenango, Guatemala tends to natural and washed process coffees that have been meticulously raked and turned for even drying on a concrete patio. A labor of love indeed!

Read on for some highlights:

• Collection Filters

Easily refine your search while browsing any collection. Select filters on the left side of your desktop screen, or tap the Filters button at the top of your mobile screen.

• Built-in FAQs

Product pages for special items like Blue Label coffees and Roaster's Choice subscriptions now highlight important information about roast schedules, packaging, and delivery. No more wondering when your special purchase will roast and ship!

• Free Shipping Countdown

The shopping cart tracks how close you are to our $50 free shipping minimum, and alerts you when you've reached the threshold!

PT's shopping cart

There's much more to discover as you browse. Let us know what you think!

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