An update on our Signature Blends

An update on our Signature Blends

We put this off for as long as we could, but the time has come to increase the prices of our Signature Blends. Unfortunately we can no longer absorb the rising costs of green coffee, shipping, and supplies resulting from the ongoing effects of the pandemic.

This is the first time that we've increased the prices of our blends in nearly 5 years. Thank you for understanding and for supporting us as we continue to roast the coffee you love!

There are still a couple of ways that you can save money on your coffee purchases:

• Instead of buying multiple 12oz bags, upgrade to a 2lb or 5lb bag to pay a lower price per ounce of coffee.

Subscribe for recurring delivery of your favorite coffee and get 10% off every order—all Signature Blends are eligible! Just select "Subscribe + Save 10%" before adding a coffee to your shopping cart, then select a delivery frequency that works for you.

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As always, thank you for choosing PT's!

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