Seasonal Changes to our Signature Blends

Seasonal Changes to our Signature Blends

The individual coffees that make up our Signature Blends change throughout the year according to the harvest schedule of different coffee-growing regions. With specific flavor profiles in mind for each blend component—typically two to three per blend—we select in-season coffees that fit the bill, experiment with development roasts to match the desired flavor profile, and finally incorporate the new coffee into production.

Learn more about coffee seasonality in our Coffee 101 blog post 

If you drink our blends regularly you might notice a slight change this month as we transition from using coffee from Finca La Providencia, in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, as the basis for most blends.

As we noted in our Guatemala Origin Trip Report last month, La Providencia's flavorful and remarkably consistent coffee provides the "body and soul" of our blends for most of the year. Coffee from Tolima, Colombia will take over that role until mid-summer, when we transition to fresh crop La Providencia.

As usual, this change will not be drastic enough to alter the flavor profile of your favorite blend, but if you pull shots of espresso on a machine at home you might need to adjust your settings slightly to account for the new component. Use our guide to dialing in espresso as a baseline and adjust as necessary.

Happy brewing!

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