We won a 2023 Good Food Award!

We won a 2023 Good Food Award!

We're thrilled to announce that Hacienda Bajo Mono Static Gesha Natural, a special Blue Label offering from last summer, won a Good Food Award at the ceremony in Portland on April 21st! Better yet, our sister company Bird Rock Coffee Roasters also won.

The Good Food Awards recognize social and environmental responsibility along the supply chain in tandem with craftsmanship and flavor of the finished product. We're so thankful to have our work—and the work of coffee producers—recognized in this way.

We last won a Good Food Award in 2021 with our roast of Tigesit Waqo Natural, a single-farmer heirloom lot from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.

Stefan Muller

Since taking over an abandoned coffee farm in Boquete, Panama, 12 years ago, Stefan Muller has preserved and replanted a diverse range of fruit trees and shade trees alongside eight unique varieties of coffee, including Gesha.

After harvest, Stefan's natural Gesha was processed via the experimental "Static Cherry" method—an anaerobic fermentation that slows the growth of yeast and bacteria—at Creativa Coffee District's state-of-the-art facility in Boquete. Our head roaster Mike (pictured below with Jacob, green coffee buyer for PT's and Bird Rock) carefully roasted the coffee to coax out intense aromatics, juicy fruit notes, and complex floral elements like hibiscus and Lambrusco wine.

Coffee Review called it "An aromatically intense, deep-toned Panama coffee with focused fruit, floral and sweet herb notes" in their 95-Point review.

We no longer have the winning coffee in stock, but we do have a new offering from the same production team: Stefan Muller Dynamic Cherry Gesha. It's silky and complex with notes of cherry, cedar, and blueberry—another treat for fans of Panamanian Geshas!

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Our green coffee buyer traveled to Panama earlier this month to visit our Direct Trade partners, including Stefan Muller. Look out for an Origin Trip blog post about the visit soon! 

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