Per Aspera Benefit Blend Returns

Per Aspera Benefit Blend Returns

We're back with a second incarnation of Per Aspera Benefit Blend!

This blend of four coffees from El Salvador, Mexico, and Peru is a round and chocolatey light-medium roast with marzipan and vanilla aromas, a baked apple note, and a nutty finish. Proceeds will benefit Silverbackks, a Topeka-based grassroots volunteer organization that formed in July 2011.

Co-founder Jude Quinn started Silverbackks by passing out cold bottles of water to people on the streets on a very hot Sunday. From that simple act, SilverSunday was created. SilverSunday grew from bottled water, to coffee/cookies, to sack lunches, and now hot meals every Sunday for anyone who needs one, among other programs.

"Each year, and through the dedication and generosity of our troop, we are able to expand our program offerings and impact on our community. Through collaboration and partnerships with other local agencies, we bridge gaps and give our fellow neighbor a hand up. Without this collaboration, we would be burdened with the overhead costs of facilities and related expenses. Because of this collaboration, we are able to invest every donation made to us in the people we are here to serve."

Learn more in this recent piece from KSNT: Volunteer-run Silverbackks helping less fortunate in the community.

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The Story

Taking its name from Kansas' state motto—Ad Astra Per Aspera, or "to the stars through difficulties"—our Benefit Blend evolves seasonally, with 100% of net profits going to organizations dedicated to fostering positive social change. We will often focus on Kansas-based causes, but will also take into account organizations that address inequities along the global specialty coffee supply chain.

Our inaugural offering last summer raised $2,500 for the Topeka Youth Project, which provides underserved and at-risk youth in Topeka with employment and leadership training, education on the workings of the legal system via a Youth Court, help with financial literacy, and other life skills training in an effort to prevent high-risk behaviors while preparing young adults for employment and adulthood.


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