We're one of Gear Patrol's 25 Best Coffee Roasters in America!

We're one of Gear Patrol's 25 Best Coffee Roasters in America!

We're thrilled to be among Gear Patrol's 25 Best Coffee Roasters in America (again!) alongside our sister company, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters. Here's Tyler Chin's writeup:

"The world of coffee roasting is vast and rich. We've come so far from buying freeze-dried coffee granules from plastic jars, with a lot of the general public finally discovering what it means to drink truly great coffee. It's not just about arabica or robusta anymore—no, we've gone down the rabbit hole of coffee beans, learning everything from washed versus natural processing to just how the growing location of the coffee affects what your brew tastes like.

"To break down what makes a coffee roaster truly great, we had to come at it from a variety of perspectives. Some are pushing the boundaries with what they're packing whether it's the way they're roasting, who they're getting their beans from or how they're mixing their blends. Some roasters are great because they revolutionized what speciality coffee even is (thanks, George Howell). And sure, some of these roasters are good because of the industry recognition and peer approval. From long-standing coffee roasters to newbies making huge moves, here are the 25 best coffee roasters in America.


Located: Topeka, Kansas
Founded: 1993
Coffee to Try: Flor del Sol

Fred Polzin and Jeff Taylor’s PT's was one of the first coffee roasters to establish a Direct Trade program, and it's also one of the roasters to help develop the US Barista Competition. Its trophy case is filled with accolades, which would fill up too much space in this story."

Shop Gear Patrol's pick: Flor del Sol Signature Blend


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