Introducing FULL BLOOM: our Spring Seasonal Blend

Introducing FULL BLOOM: our Spring Seasonal Blend

Full Bloom is the perfect cup for this transitional season: full-bodied but lively; fruity yet earthy; and equally delicious brewed hot or cold. It's got your back come rain or shine.

Full Bloom is an extra special to us because it consists of coffees produced by two of our longtime Direct Trade partners in Colombia: Café Granja La Esperanza, in Valle del Cauca, and Finca Santa Maria, in Nariño. It's a joy to work with their coffees year after year, and they've become perennial customer favorites as well.

Expect aromas of raspberry and semi-sweet chocolate from this coffee, with raspberry carrying over into the brewed cup alongside a prominent cherry note. A round body and navel orange acidity lead to a subtly floral finish of cocoa and coriander.

If you've been a fan of our recent Colombian offerings, you won't want to miss this blend.

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