The story behind our

The story behind our "Half-Caff" blend

The latest addition to our lineup of Signature Blends is Mixteca 50/50 MWP Organic, the first "half-caff" blend we've ever offered. It's a niche that few coffee roasters explore, but we just couldn't resist the opportunity that arose with the coffees we had at our fingertips. Let us explain:

Our decaf coffee is organic and decaffeinated via the chemical-free Mountain Water Process. This process emphasizes body and preserves acidity, which makes for a sweet and chocolatey cup with a pleasantly bittersweet finish. We've been huge fans of this easygoing decaf since we launched it last year.

More recently we began offering Mixteca Organic, which is the same coffee as our decaf but in its original caffeinated form. We roast it lighter than the decaf for a round-bodied cup with vanilla sweetness and white grape acidity.

So we were faced with the opportunity to create something we hadn't seen before: an organic half-caff blend made up of two versions of the same coffee.

Our roasting team got to work experimenting with various approaches. The result is a pre-roast 50/50 blend of the caffeinated and decaf coffees taken to a light-medium roast to bring out sweet and nutty notes for a rich, satisfying cup. Best of all, you'd never know it has only half the caffeine.

Supremely smooth and drinkable, Mixteca 50/50 MWP Organic is perfect for those who are watching their caffeine intake or those whose afternoon coffee habit gets in the way of a good night's sleep. Give it a try!

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Aberman David on

When will you have your half-caf available again? I only drink decaf and half-caf. I’m very interested in trying your blend.
Thank you,
David Aberman

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