Meet our new packaging!

Meet our new packaging!

Big news: as of November 2nd we’ve transitioned our standard bag size from 12oz to 10oz. Along with this change comes refreshed packaging across the board, from coffee bags to shipping boxes—but more on that later! First, here’s why we’ve made the shift to 10oz:

In the last few years we’ve been forced to raise prices as our costs have increased, particularly for items like green coffee and packaging materials. Rather than leaving the door open to further price increases on our standard bags, we decided to reduce their size to make our coffees more affordable without sacrificing much volume. We’re also responding to market forces, as 10oz is the preferred size for various distribution channels (beyond our website) through which people discover our coffee.

Our intention here—similar to offering rare and limited Blue Label coffees in 4oz pouches—is to make our full lineup accessible to a wider swath of coffee drinkers.

Happily, this created an opportunity to refresh our look in honor of our 30th Anniversary, six years after our full rebranding by Carpenter Collective. We found a perfect fit with local artist Alicia Kelly, whose cut-paper works evoke natural forms and embody our “handcrafted with love” motto. We’re excited to showcase her subtle yet striking hand-drawn updates to the PT’s look you know and love, emphasizing botanical elements that nod to coffee as an agricultural product as well as a beverage.

PT's bag arrangement

Let’s talk about pricing. To answer your burning question: yes, customers who typically buy 12oz bags will now pay less per 10oz bag. Roaster’s Choice subscribers who have received 12oz bags will also see a slight price decrease. (This reduction kicked in on 10/27 for monthly Roaster’s Choice subscribers. Customers who prepaid for 2x12oz Roaster’s Choice subscriptions will hear from us soon via email.)

As ever, the price per ounce of any given coffee decreases as bag size increases: a 2lb bag costs less per ounce than a 10oz bag, and a 5lb bag costs less per ounce than a 2lb bag. 2lb and 5lb pricing has not increased as part of this transition—in fact, we have reduced 2lb and 5lb prices for certain single-origin offerings.

You can save even more on your favorite coffee by taking advantage of our Subscribe + Save discount: 10% off each order when you subscribe for recurring delivery of Signature Blends and most Single-Origins.

Roaster's Choice box

But we have one more piece of good news to help ease you through the transition to 10oz bags: we’re offering free domestic shipping on all coffee orders for the rest of the year. Yes, really!

So try out some 10oz bags, adjust the volume or delivery schedule of your subscriptions as needed, and don’t worry about paying for shipping!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

As always, we're proud to bring you award-winning coffee, hand-crafted with love from seed to cup. Cheers!

- The PT's Team

Without the love, it's just coffee.

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