CNN: 17 of the Nation's Best Small Coffee Makers

CNN: 17 of the Nation's Best Small Coffee Makers

As Americans get pickier about their beans, small roasters and shops are filling their cups. 

Cult coffee brands are popping up all over the country. From single-origin batches to the microlots by which they are artfully, even obsessively, roasted, they pride themselves on their craftsmanship and small size. (Forget Starbucks: Even Blue Bottle strikes some of these outfits as too "corporate.") With the help of Ken Davids, editor of Coffee ReviewFortune has mapped some of the industry's most promising players. 

13. PT's Coffee Roasting Co.

One retail location; wholesale

PT's was founded in 1993 by award-winning photojournalist Jeff Taylor. The company sells wholesale throughout the Midwest and is growing rapidly on the East Coast.

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