dragonsandflowers: Decaf, Decaf Everywhere

dragonsandflowers: Decaf, Decaf Everywhere

By Ashe, November 20, 2020

This is a bag you have to try while it’s still available. Specialty coffee, by design, is lightning in a bottle: it combines origins, regions, temperatures, climates, cultivation methods and roasting techniques in one delectably designed package.

Huerta Del Rio Decaf delighted on every single level. Its scent was evocative and distinctive, wafting a classic coffee with just a pinch of smoky tobacco. It leads into a divine black cup that steers clear of bitter in favor of raisin and chocolate with a little bit of a grainy, barley finish. The mouthfeel is anything but grainy, however, and leans on the thicker, creamier side. The pourover is my favorite way to brew it, though I have to give a firm nod to the Moka pot for subverting my expectations.

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