We're Going to the US Barista Championship!

We're Going to the US Barista Championship!

We're thrilled to announce that Edward Griffin, a barista at our College Hill cafe, placed sixth in the US Coffee Championship Barista Qualifying Competition in Reno, NV last weekend! His high finish sends him directly to the Semi-Final round of the US Coffee Championship in Seattle, WA in April 2018. 

Lots of hard work went into his presentation in a short period of time, and we couldn't be more proud of the result!

PT's barista Edward Griffin competing at the US Coffee Champs Barista Competition in Reno, NV

Edward's presentation consisted of serving espresso and a signature beverage of his own creation to the judges. He competed with PT's Finca Kilimanjaro Natural, produced by Aida Batlle in El Salvador. Aida is a longtime PT's Direct Trade partner whose unique processing methods have produced truly one-of-a-kind coffees.

Our Finca Kilimanjaro Cascara Fermentation—a process involving fermenting the coffee in an infusion of the dried husks of the coffee fruit prior to drying—was recently named the sixth-best coffee of 2017 by Coffee Review.

Show Edward some love next time you visit our College Hill cafe!

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