Guatemala Trip, Part 2: Santa Rosa Dept.

Guatemala Trip, Part 2: Santa Rosa Dept.

Next stop for our team during their Guatemala trip: Nando Diaz's Finca Santa Ana in Santa Rosa Department, southeast of Guatemala City. 

"Remote and off the electrical grid, Santa Ana is surrounded by private forest reserve. The coffee-growing areas are forested and very steep. This year's SL28 Natural lot is currently drying on the patio. The coffee also spends time in covered raised beds during the drying process, which takes about three weeks for naturals."

"One of Nando's latest experiments is a dry-depulped honey process lot with 72-hour anaerobic fermentation. Looking forward to trying this one!"

"Pineapple Process in the making. To produce 10 (69kg) bags of green coffee, they start with around 70 pineapples. The fruit ferments for 48 hours before being added to the coffee in larger fermentation tanks. The fleshy fruit gets added first and stirred and the juice is added last so that it doesn’t just sink to the bottom. This sits for another 48 hours or so before being drained and then washed."


"Santa Ana, of course."

Stay tuned for updates from Huehuetenango next week!

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