A brief guide to our color-coding system

A brief guide to our color-coding system

Did you know that the labels on our coffee bags are color-coded according to the type of coffee inside? The label system that Carpenter Collective designed for us designates a color for each type of coffee we offer—Signature Blend, Espresso, Direct Trade, Single-Origin, Blue Label, and Decaf. 

We're making this evident every step of the way, so it's simpler for you to browse our website or the shelves at our cafes. Cohesion is key. 

Carpenter Collective Label System for PT's Coffee Roasting Co.

Carpenter Collective's label system for our coffee bags. 

Thus the new, colorful product photos on this website. When you browse Signature Blends & Espressos, you'll see coffee bags in front of their respective color fields instead of our previous blue and white line drawings:


When browsing Single-Origin or Direct Trade coffees, you'll see photos from origin first, with coffee bags on their color fields appearing when you mouse over a photo. (See top-left and top-right in the screenshot at the top of this post.) We lead with a photo from origin to keep the focus on the places these coffees come from and the people who produce them, while still connecting each coffee to the label system.

Finally, although our high-end Blue Label coffees are often Direct Trade, they have their own label color (and packaging):

We hope these changes will simplify your experience. Let us know what you think in the comments!


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