30th Anniversary Brand Refresh

New look; same award-winning coffee

In November 2023, to cap off our 30th Anniversary celebration, we rolled out refreshed branding and all-new coffee packaging. Scroll down to learn about what changed, and why.

10oz bags

First, the big change: we switched from 12oz to 10oz as our standard bag size and reduced prices accordingly. As you know, we were forced to raise prices in the past few years as costs increased. Rather than leaving the door open to further price increases on our standard bags, we decided to reduce their size to make them more affordable without sacrificing much volume. 10oz is the preferred size for various distribution channels through which people discover our coffee, and it's also the size used by our sister company, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.

But our intention here—similar to offering rare and limited Blue Label coffees in 4oz pouches—is to make our full lineup accessible to a wider swath of coffee drinkers. All of our offerings saw price reductions when we switched from 12oz to 10oz bags. 2lb and 5lb bag prices remained the same or decreased slightly. (As always, the price per ounce of any given coffee decreases as bag size increases: 5lb bags are the best deal per ounce.)

Refreshed branding

Six years after our full rebranding by Carpenter Collective, a refresh was in order. We found a perfect fit with local artist Alicia Kelly, whose cut-paper works evoke natural forms and embody our “handcrafted with love” motto. Her subtle yet striking hand-drawn updates to the PT’s look you know and love emphasize organic forms and botanical elements as a reminder that coffee is an agricultural product as well as a beverage.

Streamlined label design

We pared our labels down to the essentials, with more dynamic interplay between labels and bags.

  • Country, coffee name, and processing method are instantly legible. A badge indicates coffee type (Single Origin, Direct Trade, Decaf, etc.) at top right, and a silhouette of the country of origin underlies coffee info.
  • Roast meter on the left, with a simple scale: Light, Light-Medium, Medium, Medium-Dark, or Dark.
  • Producer name, farm name, coffee varietal(s), and tasting notes are at bottom center, below main coffee info.
  • Finally, the bag weight and a roast date stamp are at the bottom. 

New packaging across the board

We're always looking for ways to reduce the waste created by packaging and shipping coffee. Through our lengthy redesign process we attempted to source low-impact bags, but none of the available materials had the necessary structural integrity. (Plus, compostable bags on the market today are not truly home-compostable without first removing stickers, zip closures, and one-way valves.) We opted for bags from our trusted supplier that are lighter and thinner than the previous iteration that launched in 2017, but with the structural integrity and print quality that we require. Corrugated Roaster's Choice subscription boxes fit two 10oz or 2lb bags perfectly and ship without padded mailers to reduce waste.

If you're looking to further reduce your coffee's environmental impact, we recommend purchasing 2lb or 5lb bags, which come with the added benefit of a lower price per ounce than 10oz bags.