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Guatemala | Max Palacios, Finca La Providencia


Nestled in the mountains near the town of San Pedro Necta, Max Palacios' Finca La Providencia is a stunning example of the beauty, natural resources, and superior coffee that Huehuetenango is known for. 

The farm has been in the Palacios family for three generations. Originally purchased by Javier Palacios in 1954, La Providencia is currently owned and managed by Javier's grandson Maximiliano (Max) Palacios, who has worked in the farm since 1975.

The farm itself is 220 hectares and spans an altitude of 1,350-1,950 meters above sea level. Coffee production—mainly Bourbon and Caturra—begins at 1,550 MASL and encompasses 180 hectares. This high altitude results in a slow maturation period for the coffee cherries, allowing sugars to develop and increasing complexity in the final cup.

Careful processing also contributes to the quality of La Providencia's coffee. After depulping and washing, the parchment coffee dries on concrete patios (above) and is turned frequently to ensure even drying. Workers change the orientation of the rows as the day passes so the mounds don't cast shadows.

There is a soccer field on-site that provides a space for workers and their families to congregate for meals, rest, or play a quick game.

If you've had Flying Monkey, Southpaw, or our other Signature Blends, there's a good chance you've tasted coffee from La Providencia. It's the body and soul of our blends for a good portion of the year!

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