Dear PT’s Customers,

Having cleaned up from last weeks winter weather, we are now preparing for another storm bearing down on the Midwest. We are anticipating another 9 – 12 inches of snow here in Topeka, with possible ice and blizzard-like conditions. This much snow and ice could impact shipping routes for UPS and FEDex. Because of this, we are calling and encouraging our customers to get their normal Monday orders in TODAY (Sunday, February 24th) by 5pm CST. If you call or email your order to us by 5pm, we will produce and ship it on Monday. This is an attempt to get ahead of the storm.

If you can’t get your order in today, there is a possibility that shipping may delay you receiving your order by one or more days. If you generally receive your order on Friday, it’s shipping arrival could be delayed until next Monday (March 4th). It is with this in mind that we are encouraging our East Coast and 3-Day Shipping customers to order TODAY in order to ship ahead of the storm on Monday.

Again, if you normally order your coffee on Monday, you are on the East Coast, or you are in our 3-Day Shipping region, please try to place your order with our warehouse by SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24th at 5pm CST.

phone: 888-678-5282

Or please contact your sales representative.

Thank you,
PT’s Coffee Roasting Co.