PT’s is happy to announce that our competition espresso blend is now available to the public. XV is available through our site or by calling our roasting facility at (888)678-5282.

Every time we compete, we try to find the best possible combination of flavors for our espresso blend. This particular time we found an African, South American, and Indonesian that met our goals perfectly. The predominant flavors in this blend are dark chocolate, citrus and spice. The dark chocolate creates a wonderful base; while orange like citrus notes round it out, sometimes even giving off hints of dark cherry. It finishes beautifully with a warm spice in the back of the throat, much like cinnamon or a mild pepper.

XV was created for the 2008 SCAA Barista Competition season. This season happens to coincide with PT’s Coffee Roasting Co’s 15th anniversary. The name, XV, was chosen to commemorate this landmark in our company’s history. This blend represents 15 years of our pursuit of excellence, education, and the best coffee we can find.