Helping to open people’s eyes to the vast world of Specialty Coffee is an exciting part of working for PT’s Coffee. Watching as they take the first sip of an eye popping Ethiopian or a comforting Panama is always enjoyable. But one aspect of working for PT’s that does more than just create excitement or enjoyment is seeing coffee change lives.

Sergio, from Finca Los Planes, just e-mailed over some photos from a project that we have been working on in his hometown of Citala. We buy almost all of his coffee, including his Pacamara, Bourbon and Peaberry. This year, we agreed to pay him extra for his coffee so that he could pay his pickers more money and also so that we could set up a community development fund at the local bank. Among other things, this fund is being used to help buy medicines and supplies for the local health clinic. Thank you for all your support of our Direct Trade program. By buying Direct Trade coffees, you are making such things possible. Here are the photos, along with Jeff’s commentary:

“We are so very proud to be helping in the community of Citala! It’s a beautiful place and the people are amazing. Helping Sergio and Isabel do what is right in their community is a major part of our Direct Trade program. We look forward to contributing even more in the future, but this is certainly a wonderful start and we are honored to be a part of it!”


Sergio and Tito (the social worker)


Los Planes Medicines 2