Peaberry de la Lagunita from Finca Los Planes wowed the judges at Coffee Review for their June article covering Bourbon variety coffee.  It received the second highest score, a 93, even beating out a few spectacular Kenyans.  We have a fairly limited supply of this spectacular coffee, so purchase a bag (or two) here before we run out!  Here is the review:

Blind Assessment: Both Ken (93) and co-cupper Andy Newbom (92) admired the deep, profoundly fruit-toned character of this coffee. “Very sweet, richly but discreetly fruity coffee” for Ken, displaying “butter, honey, nut, aromatic wood, night flowers, a hint of herb.” Andy read more excitement and less discretion in the fruit character, in which (prepare yourself) “a menage a trois of raisins, dates and butterscotch got together with tangerine, clover honey and some lemons and raspberries and threw the sexiest block part ever.” Incidentally, sweetly bright acidity, “round and juicy” (Andy) mouthfeel, and a finish that resolved the profile with profound sweetness and “the slightest hint of savory complexity” (also Andy).

Who should drink it: “Don’t let this mouth party end,” writes co-cupper Andy Newbom, which definitely sounds like a buy recommendation.