Directs the financial affairs of the organization and prepares financial analysis of operations, including interim and final financial statements with supporting schedules, for the guidance of management. The Controller is responsible for the company’s financial plans and policies, its accounting practices, the conduct of its relationships with lending institutions and the financial community, the maintenance of its fiscal records, and the preparation of financial reports. The position involves supervision over general accounting, property accounting, internal auditing, cost accounting, and budgetary controls.ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:1. Development, analysis, and interpretation of statistical and accounting information in order to appraise operating results in terms of profitability, performance against budget, and other matters bearing on the fiscal soundness and operating effectiveness of the organization.2. Maintains the company’s system of accounts and keeps books and records on all company transactions and assets.3. Establishes major economic objectives and policies for the company and prepares reports that outline the company’s financial position in the areas of income, expenses, and earnings based on past, present, and future operations.5. Coordinates and directs (With the help of the Board of Directors) the preparation of the budget and financial forecasts, institutes and maintains other planning and control procedures (including the cost accounting system), and analyzes and reports variances.6. Is responsible for tax planning and compliance with all federal, state, and local corporate, payroll, and other applicable taxes and coordinates communication with the Company’s Tax Preparation CPA.7. Furnishes internal reports, revises and updates reports to be more useful and efficient, and furnishes external reports as necessary.Determines8. Evaluates and recommends insurance coverage for protection against property losses and potential liabilities.9. The Controller has the final responsibility for providing the organization and its management team with the appropriate financial and operating information necessary. This individual and the accounting staff are expected to work closely with other department groups on problems involving accounting systems and financial planning.10. Among the duties of this position are management reporting and policy-making as it pertains to the Department. In general, this individual may be looked to for technical and analytical guidance in identifying and solving problems within the functional limits of the Department.11. Responsibility for Payroll procedures, preparation, disbursement and keeps all employee records compliant and up to date.12. Works with Customer Service Representatives to help maintain current accounts receivable status with customers.ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES:Other responsibilities include seeing that company policy is carried out or complied with, assisting other departments in forecasting personnel and financial needs, accelerating cash receipts and controlling disbursements, overseeing bank balances, maintaining lines of credit and banking relationships, establishing and maintaining credit and collection procedures, controlling profit-sharing records, and evaluating and implementing computerized accounting systems.JOB QUALIFICATIONS:1. Degree in Accounting or Finance.2. Skill in math, accuracy and precision, interest in business, organized, willingness to follow recommended procedures, honesty, patience, good written and oral communication skills, good people skills, team player, knowledge Quick Books and three (3) to five (5) years’ experience in private industry.