We are very excited to offer the two best coffees from Panama in 2011.  In fact these two coffees were vying for the top spot in the SCAP Best of Panama competition.  It was a close finish in the competition, and they were only separated by a 1/2 point.  Jeff and Maritza Taylor were both in attendance and it was clear that the two top coffees were Geisha varietals.  Panama has been known for this variety, and after it was discovered, it has crushed the record books multiple times for the prices paid at auction for coffee.  There would be a new winner this year.

Located in the Horqueta, Boqete region of Panama, Finca La Valentina is a family owned farm. In 2007, “The Brothers Osorio” – Benjamin and Efrain – purchased the farm from Mr. Larenzo Firvida and began the process of developing the crop and improving the health and vitality of the farm, making it one of the best in Panama.

Their hard work was validated in May of 2011 when they were crowned the winner of the Best of Panama competition. Benjamin had just accepted the award for winning the entire competition with his coffee “Geisha Aristar Agririo” before we agreed to meet again later that week over a cup of coffee.

This is the first coffee from what we hope to be a long relationship between the Osorio and PT’s families.

Jeff and Maritza congratulate Benjamin Osorio and his wife after they won the Best of Panama Competition.


We first purchased coffee from Hacienda La Esmeralda in 2006. That was the first year the farm won the SCAP Best of Panama competition. Following the competition, they set a world record for the price paid for coffee at auction. That price has been shattered several times as they have garnered the reputation as one of the elite coffee producers in the world.  2011 is one of the few years since the discovery of the Geisha varietal, that Hacienda La Esmeralda has not won the competition.  They were the runner-up this year.

After the excitment surrounding the 2011 Hacienda La Esmeralda Auction finished, and all of the bids were in, we were proud to announce that we received one of the Montaña lots. This is the first year that Hacienda La Esmeralda made the Montaña lots available, and they represent the highest grown micro-lots on the farm. Montaña received the highest price at the 2011 Esmeralda Auction.

Jeff Taylor and the Producers of Hacienda La Esmeralda.  (From Left to Right) Price Peterson, Jeff Taylor, Daniel Peterson.


These two stand out coffees combine perfectly in our limited edition set.  It is a rare experience to enjoy the two best coffees from one country side by side. We will roast both of their coffees to the peak of perfection and have created a signature gift set, to memorialize their dedication and hard work.

We are offering 10% off The Wonders of Geisha on all Pre-Orders.

The Wonders of Geisha Gift Set