Tomorrow is an exciting day in the life of PTs Coffee Roasting Co. We are finally moving into our new facility, just down the road from our current one. This means that the warehouse will be closed on Friday. Since we have to move our phone and internet service, you probably will not be able to contact us until Monday morning. We will try to get back to you if you do try to contact us but there are no guarantees.

The new facility is quickly shaping up and will be ready to go on Monday. It has at least 2x the space of our current facility. Along with having a lot more office and warehouse space, there is a state-of-the-art training facility and a brand new cupping room. We are excited about getting into the new space and finally being able to stretch our legs. When we get settled into it, we will be having an open house to introduce everyone to our new home; so keep your eyes posted to the blog and the newsletter for upcoming events and updates.