We are sad to announce that next week will be the last roast of our El Salvador Aida’s Grand Reserve and Guatemala San Jose Ocana. These spectacular coffees are unique finds, so don’t miss out on this last opportunity to try them.

Aida’s Grand Reserve is an exceptional blend of hand-sorted Peaberries that are chosen from the legendary coffee producer, and friend to all of us at PTs Coffee Roasting Co., Aida Batlle. Her beans come from three coffee farms – Finca Mauritania, Finca Kilimanjaro, and Finca Los Alpes – all of which are located on the slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano in El Salvador. Its bright acidity sparkles with notes of pure honey and caramel. Very few bags of this prized coffee are produced each year and PTs is proud to be the roaster of a limited supply of this coffee.

The Guatemala San Jose Ocana won second place in the 2007 Cup of Excellence, and there is no question as to why it placed so high. This elegantly sweet coffee is produced by a fifth generation farmer in an area of Guatemala with outstanding natural resources and abundant natural forests. It is an extremely clean and well processed coffee with hints of lemon and pear sweetness.

We hope that you have enjoyed these coffees as much as we have. We are sorry to see them go, but we anticipate more great coffees from these farmers in the future. Keep checking the website for updates about new crops, or sign up for our newsletter to get regular updates and special promotions.