We very proud of  Jannicke M. Johansen, a Norwegian Barista.  She received second place in an International Espresso Blend Barista Battle. The event was held in Oslo, Norway, and was co-hosted by Solberg & Hansen, and Tim Wendelboe.


The event featured 5 American Roasters and 5 Norwegian Baristas.  Our Seasonal Espresso was put head to head against: Intelligentsia’s Black Cat Espresso,  Heart Coffee Roasters’ Guatemala Puerta Verde, Ecco’s Guatemala El Tambor, and Ritual’s Sweet Tooth Espresso Guama, Kenya. Jannicke featured our Finca Las Mercedes Don Roberto Espresso Reserve from El Salvador in her second place finish.   You can read all about the event on the Solberg & Hansen Blog or by following this link  http://blog.sh.no/index.php?a=79 .