You know that feeling that you get when you have been trying tons of new and exciting things but finally go back to one of your old favorites?  That warm, comforting feeling is what I felt recently when I sat down with a pipping cup of Beloya Selection 8.  Lately I noticed that we have been so focused on some of our outstanding new coffees, such as Carmen Estate, Elida Natural and the beautiful Esmeraldas (Carnaval and Pascua), that our old standouts are overlooked.  Ethiopia Beloya has been a killer coffee for years.  Its distinct berry notes seem to jump out of the cup, and it is a great coffee to show people the great possibility of specialty coffee.  Recently we sent a bag of our Beloya Selection 8 to Mark Prince of, and his response hits home for most of us at PT’s, “Awesome…. Beautiful.”   Check out this awesome coffee here!