We hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday, filled with beautiful coffees and exciting coffee gifts. As we reflect on the past year, we cannot help but be filled with memories of great coffees come and gone, new Direct Trade relationships formed, and awards received. All of these memories would not be possible without your support of great coffee. As a little holiday/thank you gift, we are releasing a new line of coffee equipment at a special introductory price. Browse our selection of Hario’s brewing and grinding equipment here!

Hario Brewing Equipment

Hario is a glass manufacturer based in Japan that is entering the US market with its line of high end brewing and grinding equipment.  PT’s Coffee is fortunate to be one of the few coffee roasters to be able to offer Hario’s high quality products.  As an introductory offer, take 25% off the price of Hario’s products until January4th!  If you happen to have a little money left after the holidays, this will be a hard offer to pass up.

Hario Ceramic 1-Cup Drippers

Perfect for the office or anyone who just wants one cup.  These ceramic drippers fit perfectly on your coffee cup and can brew some of the best coffee you have ever tasted.  Check out the ceramic dripper in both red and chocolate here!

Hario Iced Coffee Brewer

Iced coffee in December?  We know it sounds slightly ridiculous, but once you taste the delectable brew from this easy to use iced coffee brewer you will understand why we are excited about it, no matter what temperature it is outside.  Check out Hario’s Iced Coffee Brewer here!

Hario Buono Water Kettle

The Buono Water Kettle allows you to get the most out of your pour over coffee brewers.  Its long, thin spout allows you to have precise directional control on your pour and the position of the spout allows for even water temperature dispersion.  Purchase a Hario Buono Water Kettle here!

Hario Mini Slim Hand Grinder

Perfect for traveling or for those who do not want to hear a loud motor while waking up in the morning. Hario’s Mini Slim Hand Grinder is light, portable and a great price for a good burr grinder. It does a wonderful job for pour over brewers like Hario’s Ceramic Drippers or a Chemex. Purchase Hario’s Mini Slim Hand Grinder here!