We are proud to announce that the coffee from the Gombe Coffee Project is finally available. All of Sustainable Harvest’s Gombe Coffee Projectand the Tanzanian farmers’ labor has certainly paid off. They have gone from producing a coffee that could not be considered “Specialty Coffee” to producing a coffee that we cupped at an 89! In the aroma, we got some nice, fleeting floral notes, and a combination of caramel and butter. While it was hot, we got a sweet spiciness that resembled thyme, and as it cooled the sweetness was accentuated with notes of blackberries and syrupy honey. It also had a dominant tangy-wininess to it. You will not only enjoy the sweet and pungent taste, but you will also enjoy knowing that you are helping coffee farmers in Tanzania break out of the shackles of poverty. Read more about this coffee here. You will not want to miss out on this wonderful coffee experience.