Shipping costs have been on the rise recently due to an increase in gas prices and inflation in our economy.  FedEx has been a competitive outlet for us, and we want to extend their shipping options to you.

FedEx 2-Day and FedEx Overnight Rates are very competitive.  The FedEx Ground option has an added benefit for Residential Customers.  FedEx Home Delivery will deliver on Saturdays.  However, by adding Saturday delivery, they have offset their weekly schedule, and do not deliver on Mondays.  Orders still ship on Mondays, but are delivered to residential addresses Tuesday-Saturday.

Here are some examples of how the transit times compare between UPS and FedEx from Topeka.  The East Coast Metropolitan Area extending from New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. are all 3-day transits with FedEx, one day faster than UPS.  The West Coast of the United States is also a 3-day ship with FedEx, one day faster than UPS.  The Indianapolis Metro, Ohio, Alabama, the Atlanta Metro and a large portion of Georgia are a 2-day ship with UPS, one day faster than FedEx.  The transit times to the Central Coridoor, Upper Northeast, and a few other Major Metropolitan areas, such as Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and Houston are competitive, and transit times are the same between FedEx and UPS.  For information about the various shipping times to your specific location, you can view our Transit Maps by following this link.

For those of you who prefer our other shipping methods, USPS and UPS, we will continue to provide their service.  We are looking for more ways to provide you with more alternatives when it comes to shipping.

FedEx and UPS rates do not apply to International Orders.  All International Orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail International due to customs fees and other surcharges.  If you are an international customer, an additional charge must be applied to accomodate the international rate.