In the past couple of years, naturally processed coffee from the areas surrounding the Ethiopian villages of Beloya and Aricha have created a huge stir in the coffee world. These coffees raise eyebrows and cause you to question your taste buds. Is that a strawberry? Was the coffee soaked in blueberries before it was roasted? Are you sure that there isn’t any flavoring added to those beans? Well, the answer to all of these questions is no, there is nothing except exquisite coffee in those beans.

These coffees are “simply” exceptionally well processed natural Ethiopian Yirgacheffes — Now that is a mouthful. In short, when the coffee cherries are picked, dead-ripe, the fruit on the outside of the bean is allowed to dry on the bean. During this drying process, tons of sweetness and berry-like notes soak into the coffe bean. This process, when it is done exceptionally well, creates this eye-popping, eyebrow raising coffee experience. For a limited time, we have lowered our price 14% on our Ethiopian Beloyas.  Try this new coffee experience here!