We are proud to announce that our Ethiopia Aricha Selection 7 received a stunning 94 in this month’s review of Special Reserve and Limited Edition Coffees from Coffee Review. In this showing of roasters’ best, Aricha Selection 7 received the second highest score. Aricha 7 was the favorite of 15 micro selections produced in the Aricha locality in 2008, processed at the famed Idido Mill in Yirgacheffe. S.A. Bagersh pays small holder farmers up to twice market rates for their perfectly ripe cherries and invests in meticulous special preparation to ensure superior results.

The highest score in this review was actually given to another coffee that we offer, Panama Elida Estate. We did not submit the coffee, but our offering is from the exact same lot as the coffee that received a 95. It is a wonderfully intense and sweet Central American coffee.

Here is Ken Davids’ review of Aricha Selection 7: Intense aroma: ripe, fallen fruit, flowers, flowering grass, honey, pungent cedar. In the cup fruit-deepened acidity, syrupy mouthfeel, roundly sweet with a mild, balancing bitterness and tremendous aromatic complexity: honey, night flowers, and above all a brandyish, fruity chocolate that carries deep into the finish.

Who should drink it: Voluptuaries and brandy swirlers.”