When I first met Jeff Taylor on-site at our roasting operations facility I had no idea how much a simple and excited conversation with the man would change my life. Fresh from a summer of travels and language study throughout Italy, my impressions of coffee culture were turned completely on their head as I discovered the sweet red nectar fondly known as Northern Italian style espresso.

Longing to recreate those certain memories of strolling down the coffee bar-laden streets that defined my Tuscany, I was ecstatic to know I’d have the opportunity to meet Jeff on a trip I’d be taking into town after having just previously fallen in love with PT’s La Bella Vita Espresso back home. An afternoon of enthusiastic coffee and travel conversation ensued, and immediately after I knew this would be the place to come after I graduated college.

Fast forward a year and some change and my life has come from all- night cram sessions in sweet home Alabama to hundreds of all-morning cupping sessions. From volunteering for credit hours to assisting in such coffee community events as the Flatlander’s Barista Cup and the Big Central Regional Barista Championship, and from working as a student assistant in a library to enjoying the lifestyle enjoyed only by those who wear the title of a proper barista, here in the formative first year of our hometown shop. Although I no longer sling coffee as a barista full time, my goals of coffee education and community remain strong, and although I don’t get to see you quite as often as I’d like, congratulations on your recent feature as one of America’s best coffee shops, you’ve come a long way, PT’s at College Hill!

Ozzie Mendoza
Sales and Support Specialist
(785) 862- 5282



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