BundjaThis morning, I had the opportunity to play around with the Australian Bundja. As, a brew it is not the most captivating coffee, but as an espresso it is quite an experience. We have taken it to a bit lighter dose to try to play on its natural sweetness and acidity. After playing with it initially a little bit darker roast profile, we found that it had a very delicate brightness that needed some enunciation, that the lighter roast provided. When pulling shots, I started as I always do- a PT’s dose of coffee (around 20 grams for a double shot). It tasted overwhelmingly of citrus fruits with a strange undertone of cereal (Adam said MiniWheats, while I thought more Rice Chex). The body was a bit lacking as it was simply too light of a roast to be dosed that high.

I then took it down to 14 grams and it was wonderfully balanced. There was a mellow sweetness laced with a smooth acidity like lemon or ginger and had a nice, even body. Check it out in our passport section!