We just finished the morning “calibration” cupping and I believe we have an excellent crew here for this competition. They’re seemed to be a real understanding of the score sheet and what quality the Cup of Excellence demands.

We will return this afternoon to cup another seven coffees. Following the cupping we will discuss and evaluate the scores – looking for consistancy and understanding from each of the judges. I have no doubt that will obtained as this is a very experienced crew.

Cuppers from all over the world are here for the competition. Countries represented include:
United States

On the lighter side…We have really enjoyed the security that has been provided us. Even if it does seem a little much. Apparently the National Federation of Coffee in Colombia asked the government for some security for the event, just to be on the safe side. Well, everytime we leave from the hotel in a bus, we are escorted like the president making his way down Michigan Ave. in Chicago. We are surrounde by at least 8 motorcycle teams caring have weaponry. But do not be alarmed when you see my pictures. It is better to be safe than sorry…and we all feel completely safe!

The “Commandos” are all very friendly and have even been posing for pictures with us. It is kind of amusing to be honest. But I’d rather have the security than not!

well, back to the cupping table.
Hope you are all having a great day back in the states!