PT’s at College Hill manager to express ‘creative weirdness’ on Valentine’s Day







Whenever a special occasion like Valentine’s Day comes around, PT’s at College Hill general manager Forrest Wright figures it is the perfect time for him to do what he loves.

“I’ve been very privileged to have that creative control,” Wright said. “The ownership lets me do what I want, food and drink-wise, and I’ve been very privileged to have them let me express my creative weirdness.”

For Valentine’s Day, Wright has created a special menu that will be served from 6 to 10 p.m. (or longer depending on the turnout) at the unique coffee shop/bar/cafe at 1625 S.W. Washburn.

“This one we are doing a little more of the fun stuff,” Wright said. “I’m really into mixology and molecular gastronomy, so we are doing a lot of those more fruity things — stuff that is a little more progressive, the kind of stuff that I like to do.”

Wright said he likes to challenge himself to make each event better then the last by pushing the variety of choices on the menu.

“It’s always a really good event; we always have a great turnout for it,” Wright said. “I never like to do the same thing twice. I like to be a little more creative, a little more innovative for the people that come in, so they can impress their dates, and just keep it fun for everybody.”

The items on this year’s menu range from drinks featuring edible foam to a flaming Spanish coffee, accented by a variety of artistic deserts and foods.

“Drink-wise, we are doing ones that are more themed around red berries and kind of more succulent things,” Wright said. “I came up with the menu myself, and some of my staff members do some quality control on it.

“We have a lot of fun making it, so you can come out and see what I like to do,” he added.

Wright said he hopes to provide a unique experience — available only during the Valentine’s Day event — for couples and anyone interested in the specialty products.

“The event usually brings out the crowd who are into the specialty things,” Wright said. “Being a specialty coffee shop, we like to bring those people into our store — people who are more into the craft things, more into the specialty realm of stuff and the more inventive, more obscure stuff.”

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