PT’s Coffee // Topeka, KS by Kaleb

Monday, July 22, 2013

While we were checking out Oddly Correct in Kansas City, I chatted with one of the baristas and told them we were from out of town and headed to Topeka, Kansas to see my grandparents. The barista recommended that we stop by PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. if we had time. Knowing that we only had a limited amount of time in Topeka, I figured if it was close we might stop by on the way out of town. To our surprise PT’s Coffee is only a few blocks from my grandparent’s house.

PT’s Coffee has a warm and friendly feel to the shop. We browsed around noticed that they even keep out a few books of photographs from their sourcing trips and where their beans are actually harvested. It is so refreshing to know where what you are putting into your body comes from.

So as we were leaving we stopped by to get a brew for the drive back to Oklahoma City. I decided to try their cold brew which is called the “Cold Front.” And it was mighty tastie. I noticed that they sold growlers of their cold brew and I couldn’t resist. So we purchased a “Cold Front” growler to enjoy it this next week. If you are passing through Topeka any time soon, be sure to check out this gem!

Photos by Marilyn Nimz