We have a winner! The first PT’s Challenge went down this week at our roasting facility and we’re proud to announce Lara Prahm as champion.

Featured Coffee: Palo Alto

Our featured coffee this week comes from Finca El Socorro in Guatemala. Owner Juan Diego de la Cerda goes above and beyond to consistently produce high quality coffee, and Palo Alto is no exception. We couldn’t wait to experiment with it given the sugary notes of marshmallow, light golden raisin sweetness, and milk chocolate finish.

Featured Brew Method: Aeropress.

Since its release in 2005, the Aeropress has grown in popularity and for good reason. The design is easy to use, easy to clean and store, and it allows you to produce a great cup of coffee quickly (typically in 90 seconds or less). The real magic of the Aeropress lies in the ability to create air pressure within the brew chamber and from being able to have all the coffee grounds fully immersed in water. These two factors combined create a cup of coffee that is smooth, rich, and typically low in acidity.

So, who should consider using an Aeropress? Are you a coffee newb? Great, it’s for you. As a matter of fact, this week’s champion, Lara, had never used the aeropress until about a week ago. Are you a coffee connoisseur? Cool, it’s for you as well. Love to travel, camp, or adventure, all while being able to make great coffee? Yup, this one’s for you too. That’s the best part: no matter what your level of coffee expertise or dedication, the Aeropress is likely a good fit for you.

Check out our blog post for Lara’s winning recipe!