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Partnering with SilverbackKS

We are proud to work with SilverbackKS and we want to spread the word, so that more people (maybe you) can join in the community.

What is SilverbackKS?

We are an idea that we are a community of good people. Our Achilles heel is that we are busy. Too busy to join and help some of the great organizations that are doing very tough work for our city.

We want to help. We intend to help, but after working a job or two, kids, soccer practice, getting the grass cut and dinner made when we finally do have a spare moment we need it for ourselves. Rest, ‘cause chances are you’re going to pass yourself on your way back to work. However – every once in a while you have a free moment. A free afternoon. Maybe, just maybe, a weekend. When that time comes: we help. We turn good intentions into good action. I don’t have the time to be a regular volunteer at Let’s Help but we have organized a day where we have gone there as a troupe and completely made over their warehouse. Volunteer when you can, however you can.

We will stand with and volunteer for other organizations that help the less fortunate and homeless. We speak up for what we believe in and against violence and crime. We will stand strong as the tired, sick, and poor stand on our shoulders to reach their dreams.


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Drop off New or Gently Used Bras or items from This List of Needed Goods at PT’s at College Hill.