Last year, bandits raided Finca Santa Maria leaving Armando Benavides, his wife Magaly, and his children Valeria and Juan Pablo with the possibility of losing their entire harvest.


You can read Jeff’s account of the awful incident, originally posted in May of last year.

Thanks to you and many of our friends and customers, we endeavored on a successful fundraising effort  that helped the family to rebuild their mill and save the harvest. Armando sent us a letter of appreciation to share, and we will begin roasting the fruits of that harvest beginning Monday, March 10th.

(UPDATE: Santa Maria is roasting now!)


As this year’s harvest has begun, Armando wrote to us (and you) once more.

Buesaco, Nariño, Colombia , January 26, 2014

Dear friends,

We are still amazed and grateful for the grand gesture you made toward us in times of adversity, not only for our material losses but also because it affected us emotionally. Your help provided support for our desires, our projects, and hopes. This is what gives value to life, and the support you provided us was one of the most important factors that stimulated us to go ahead despite the harsh reality we found ourselves in. The biggest lesson we learned is how to recognize the sensitivity of people who are far away from us and yet so close to our heart.

We are pleased to tell you that your economic support was of great help. Due to the low internal price of coffee and the assault on the farm, we ran out of working capital, but with your help we were able to meet the maintenance needs of the farm such as fertilizers, payments for labor, and purchase of some of the most essential equipment. All of the economic help went into our first priority which was to end the harvest and ensure the next. Thanks to you, this seems to be going well. Most importantly, my wife, children, and I are very encouraged to move on.

We hope that God overflows you with blessings and that you enjoy our coffee and continue to buy it. As you know it is our job and we do it with love for special people like you.


Juan Pablo, Valeria, Magaly, and Armando


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