PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. is committed to working with coffee farmers who are true artisans of coffee cultivation and practice their craft with dedication, skill, and passion. We work with, and offer our support to, these skilled artisan farmers for the sole purpose of presenting our customers only the highest-quality coffee.

We believe there are a number of critical factors contributing to the growth of a truly exceptional coffee, and that farmers are one of the key factors. Therefore we believe those who do great work should get a great price; we do not believe in coffee subsidies.

Working with producers to deliver the highest-quality coffee for our customers requires that we listen and give feedback in their creation.

We believe that an artisan coffee farmer who grows an award-winning coffee should be given all the credit. Recognition develops dedication to craftsmanship, skill for production and passion for the harvest quality.

We know that great coffee can be produced through sustainable methods. We only work with farmers who think long and hard about economic, social, and environmental conditions of their farms and their communities. Sustainable does not have to mean organic, but it certainly could.

We seek to deliver the highest possible return to farmers and require our importers, exporters, cooperatives and farmers to agree upon the financial distribution prior to harvest and act transparently in the execution of distribution, allowing us to monitor the committed delivery price to the farmers.

We believe our goals are more effectively achieved when the number of individuals or organizations between the coffee farmer and PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. are minimized to allow for better communication. Through our Direct Trade Coffee program we feel we can achieve an excellent quality coffee and promote a sustainable coffee crop.

PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. – Direct Trade Coffee Criteria

  • Coffee quality must be exceptional. All decisions flow from the quality of coffee in the cup.
  • The verifiable price to the farmer or the local coop, not simply the exporter, must exceed the C Market price and or Fair Trade price by a minimum 25% for any coffee scoring above 88 on the cupping table.
  • The farmer must be committed to sustainable-quality coffee, healthy environmental practices and responsible community practices.
  • PTs Coffee Roasting Co. representatives must visit the farm or cooperative at least once per harvest season. We may visit two or three times per year: pre-harvest to craft strategy, during the harvest to monitor quality, and post-harvest to review and celebrate the successes.
  • All Direct Trade participants must be open to transparent disclosure of financial deliveries back to the individual farmers.
 This statement was developed in cooperation with other independent coffee roasters from the United States.