Design by Skye T. Steen

The winner of our second run of submissions to the PT’s Artist Series is Skye T. Steen!

Skye, who lives in Durban, South Africa found out about our contest through Twitter and sent in her winning design with the description, “A hare – elegantly sipping on a cup of coffee. A rabbit is seen as an alert, swift animal, so using him is a way to glorify coffee and give it credit.”

Having recently graduated, she works at The Fire Tree Design Company in South Africa as well as doing freelance design and illustration work. Her interests are multiple and varied, but always with an artistic and creative bent. She is active in many local creative events and spends her time painting, sketching, playing music, and attending local shows. She says her future is wide open and that she could end up “anywhere having fun and enjoying what I do.”

You can check out her online portfolio here.

We plan to have these items in the store soon, so stay tuned!


We are now accepting submissions for our Artist Series №3.

Go to our Artist Series page for the rules of entry.


Artist Series № 1 by Holly Bastin

Artist Series № 1 by Holly Bastin

PS: We still have a few of the Artist Series №1 mugs by Holly Bastin available, so get them while you can!