A smattering of thanks from Washburn Rural High Schools culinary classes

A smattering of thanks from Washburn Rural High School's culinary classes

On Friday, April 9th we at PT’s hosted a day of education for the Washburn Rural High School’s culinary classes. Starting at 8am we had 3 groups of students come through to tour our roasting facility and see what it is that we do exactly. All together there were about 150 students that got an introduction to sourcing and roasting coffee and even got to watch one of our barista competitors go through her presentation that she gave last weekend in Anaheim, CA for the 2010 United States Barista Championship. Today we received a huge envelope of thanks from what appears to be all of them! Here’s a few of our favorites we wanted to share with you…

“Coffee is pretty awesome. You & the people you work with put a lot of devotion in your work. The fact that what you do effects the lives of so many, well, I dig that. You put a lot of care into those beans. Thanks for inviting me in to see. If only you were hiring!

Thanks a lot


“Thank you for giving us such a great tour. I thought it was really interesting how so much work and care is put into your coffee, and it was cool to be able to see the process of making the coffee. I never knew that people who worked in coffee are so passionate about what they do and work so hard to make the best quality of coffee. Thanks for sharing your story with us and allowing us to see what goes on behind every cup of PT’s coffee.



And one for fun…

“Thanks a lot bro for the show. It was chill and the fun level wasn’t low. Now I always know what I’ll be havin’ with my toffee, that’s right, you guessed it a P-H-phat cup of PT’s coffee!

Much love -ya boi


Thanks to each one of you for coming! We are so glad that you enjoyed it!