Located high in the mountains near the world famous town of Boquete lies Elida Estate. Wilford Lamastus has continued to innovate and produce an exceptionally well-processed natural coffee. We were first introduced to the coffee from Elida Estate following the 2007 Best of Panama competition. On that first visit, it was obvious that Wilford was passionate and committed to producing one of the best naturally processed coffees in the world. Since 2007, Elida Estate has finished in the top 10 in one or more categories of the Best of Panama competition. Most recently, they received 5th place in the Natural division in 2012.

The consistent results from Elida Estate are impressive. Natural processed coffees are particularly difficult to produce, because the farmer is, in essence, allowing the coffee to ferment. Extreme care and monitoring of the drying process is required to produce great results.

More than half of Elida Estate is located within the Volcan Baru National Park, a protected sanctuary and ecological reserve for exotic plants, birds and mammals. The volcano is one of the highest peaks in Central America, and provides a very unique micro-climate for the coffee grown on this farm. During the dry season, the farm benefits from the high elevation by having misty and foggy conditions during the season. The young fertile volcanic soils and the unique growing conditions shine through in the cup, producing one of the most unique coffees on this side of the prime meridian.

Trip Report

Traveling to origin is one of many unique privileges within the specialty coffee industry. The opportunity to work along side respected coffee producers is always a learning experience, and we’ve crafted these trip reports to keep you in the loop.

2012 Trip Report