In the 1960’s Francisco Sarracin’s father, Francisco Senior, worked for Panama’s Ministry of Agriculture and brought the Geisha varietal to Panama from Costa Rica because of its resistance to common diseases on other plants in the Boquete region.

In 2011, Francisco Serracin submitted their Natural Geisha into the SCAP Best of Panama competition. Don Pachi Geisha Natural is one of the highest scoring coffees in the history of the SCAP Best of Panama auction and it also received one of the highest prices ever, receiving $111.50 per lbs at auction.

The Boquete region has consistently been considered one of the best regions in the world for producing some of the most unique coffee varieties. The unique micro-climate and deep volcanic soils rich with a great content of organic matter, make a perfect combination for award winning coffee.

In 2012, our roast of Don Pachi Geisha received a 96 point review from Ken Davids and the cuppers of Coffee Review.