We are revamping our Signature Blend Lineup. One of the changes we are making is renaming our B-Ville blend to 1861. The blend itself is remaining the same and you will not notice any difference in your brew.

Once known as our Coffeehouse Blend, it was renamed in honor of our first cafe and of our beginning as a company. Now as we redefine the look of our Signature Blends, we are keeping an eye towards our Kansas heritage. It’s new name, 1861, is the year that Kansas achieved statehood and falls in line with the rest of our blends: Farm Girl, John Brown, Ad Astra, and Cold Front.

To celebrate this change we are holding another hashtag contest. Simply tweet us @PTsCoffee a photo featuring our coffee, logo, or merchandise with the hashtag #PTs1861 and you will be entered to win a free 12oz bag of this signature blend. You have until 12am CST on Friday, March 28th to submit your photo, so get to snapping! We will choose and announce our favorite submission the afternoon of the 28th.

Official Rules:

  1. Your photo must be submitted via Twitter.
  2. Your tweet must include the following:
    1. @PTsCoffee
    2. #PTs1861
    3. URL link to your photo, which must feature our coffee, logo, or merchandise
  3. All photos must be submitted before midnight Central Time on March 28th, 2014.
  4. You may use any appropriate photo hosting website to post your photo (Instagram, TwitPic, Imgur, Flickr, etc.)


— PTs Coffee Roasting (@PTsCoffee) March 28, 2014