It was early Tuesday morning when we entered the “Centro de Convenciones – Jose Eustacio Rivera” in Neiva, Colombia. And we didn’t waste any time. The 32 jury members, including myself, from around the world headed straight for the cupping tables. To be honest…most of us passed on our morning cup at the hotel, knowing we were cupping a lot of coffee today. So we were eager to get started.

We entered the large room set with eight – 8 ft. tables – four judges per table – and each table containing 10 samples on each side. These coffees were well vetted Colombian coffees having passed through 3 rounds of cupping from a national jury before we arrived. So we dove right in to the cupping assignments at hand. Three rounds of cupping and 30 coffees later the day was complete.

I’m not sure how I feel about the coffees we cupped today. I’m trying to withhold judgment until we’ve made it through the first round of 60 which will be Wednesday night. But if what we tasted today was any indication…It’s a down year for Colombian coffees by PTs standards. I feel the two Colombian coffees we are currently offering – Reserva del Patron and Finca El Palacio – are every bit as good as the coffees I cupped today. But tomorrow may tell another story. I certainly hope so.

Below are just a few more pics from the day. I hope you enjoy. I’ve got to run or i won’t get to eat dinner! Any you all know how I like my food! :O)

Hope all is well back home and you are all having a great week. See you soon.

Warm Regards – Jeff