It’s been a long couple of days. We cupped the top 41 coffees yesterday in a marathon cupping session that lasted until 7pm. I think Colombia represented itself very well yesterday producing a number of coffees that were scored over 90, but also several that will not make the final cut out of those 41 coffees. Many notes of Caramel, strawberry, apricot, wine (I liked the syrah type flavors), dark cherries and chocolate.

The way this will work is, any coffee recieving a final score over 84 will be auctioned off on the interet to the highest bidder. Our Finca El Palacio placed 4th in last years competition.

Below you will see many photos of the trip. Wednesday, when we finished cupping around 2pm, they loaded all of us into a bus and drove an hour and a half away to the desert for a tour and view of the night sky. Very interesting tour but I was very tired when we returned around 10pm.

This is another short post as we live in a few minutes to begin the final round of cupping to establish the top 10 coffees. The best day of the week. Only great coffee on the table. ahhhhhhh! My favorite. :o)

Warm regards from Colombia