Hello from Chicago!

It’s quite chilly here as I write this evening. We got an unexpected (at least to us) bluster of snow today. It has definitely added an extra layer of excitement to an already amazing show. There are so many great people here from all over the country, even other parts of the world. Our booth is right across from Nuova Simonelli‘s so we’ve had plenty of opportunity to get to know the Italians 🙂

The USBC Great Lakes Regional Barista Competition is underway, the finals start tomorrow morning at 1:00pm. It looks like a good spread, with a few from Intelligentsia, Java Hound, and Metropolis. The competition as a whole has been interesting to watch as they were completely full with a waiting list. There are a lot of returning competitors, as well as some fresh faces. I have the privilege of judging tomorrow in the finals and I’m looking forward to it. As long as I have internet access tomorrow, I will make sure to take some time to post the winners.
The show itself is pretty awesome. I’ve been to the SCAA trade shows and a Fresh Cup Road Show, and Coffeefest is totally in between for me. There’s so much to see at the SCAA show that it can almost be overwhelming. Coffeefest is a little smaller (not much) in scale with a much more leisurely feel for the attendees. At our booth we’ve been busy, but still able to have a lot of good conversations and meet some amazing people. The new Clover we are debuting is sweet. It’s a one cup at a time brewer that is insanely specific in its controls and produces an absolutely decadent cup of coffee. My personal favorite from it was the Lake Tawar from Sumatra. It’s a very intriguing way to brew coffee.

I’ll make sure to keep everyone posted through out this adventure. So far all I can say is that everyone should check out a Coffeefest as soon as they can.

Signing out from the snowy city- Holly