If I went West, I think I would go to Kansas.
– Abraham Lincoln

It’s Kansas Day and we’d like to take a moment to wish it a happy 154th birthday! We here at PT’s Coffee are pretty proud of our home state and it shows in the names of our blends.


Farm Girl

Rising with the sun to face the day, this coffee is bright and sweet making it a great breakfast blend.



The year Kansas signed its constitution, establishing itself as a Freestate at the beginning of the American Civil War. This blend is steady and even-keeled.


John Brown

Our surly activist blend, this coffee is proud and strong-willed.


Ad Astra

Ad Astra per Aspera – To the stars, through difficulties. Bold as the night sky, this is a traditional and timeless dark roast.


Flying Monkey Espresso

An ode to one of the greatest stories in literature, our signature espresso is balanced, yet playful.